Apple Pie Cookies

I was playing around with a recipe for apple cinnamon cookies and was in the middle of preparing them (with my inherited KitchenAid mixer pictured below 🙂 ) when I realized I didn’t have most of the ingredients called for. Instead, I decided to wing it and work with what I had. I made with cookies that taste like apple pie!

Here’s the recipe I ended up using:

2 gala apples diced
2.5 cups of flour, sifted
1 tsp. salt
1 cup brown sugar
1 cup white sugar
3/4 cup butter
2 eggs

Cream the butter and sugar, add the eggs. Mix the dry ingredients. Combine with diced apples. Bake 10-15 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, until brown around the edges.


Pink cake

Today my Mama made me her traditional Pink Cake, the greatest combination if cake and frosting ever. Funfetti cake and strawberry frosting. So yummy and so cute!


Thanks Mama!

Tofu recipe

As a vegetarian, I am always looking for great tofu recipes. I combined a few ideas and created this!

Tofu (marinated in equal parts soy sauce and sugar, with garlic added to taste), white rice, and Craisins. Yum!